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50+ is the New Green

Apr 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Advertising

While many advertisers target high school and college students, older consumers have more spending money. “We advertise to an audience that has assets, not allowances,” bragged Henry Schleiff, head of Hallmark TV, in a NYTimes article noting that demographic shifts and a recession are making older consumers — long shunned in favor of free-spending, younger age groups — into better bets.

Andy Donchin, director for media investments at Carat, a New York agency for Adidas, Alberto-Culver and Pfizer, said that “18 to 49 is going to remain the predominant buying demographic, but 50 isn’t what it used to be.”

Older consumers today “are not as resistant to change” as in the past, Mr. Donchin said. “Show me something better, and I’ll try it,” is the Boomer attitude and they are “comfortable with digital media,” he added.

Brian Gordon of says his sales are up about 65% over last year, mostly from grandparents who “are our most demanding customers” but are more willing than their younger counterparts are to pay full price. He was stunned to learn from a customer survey that 40% of his customers for children’s learning toys were 50+. Read the NYTimes article. If your business would profit by effective online advertising to people 50+, please call us at 707-575-3446.

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