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Lifetime Ban from Google

Nov 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Advertising

GoogleThe number of frauds and the rate of scamming has jumped recently. Google is now permanently banning any AdWords advertiser running a scam or linking to a website that places malicious code on your computer (malware). In the past, Google relied on algorithm-based fraud prevention, but that is changing. If Google detects fraud in an ad claim or detects malware on the website linked to the Google ad, they will not only cancel the offending campaign, they will block ALL advertising on the scammer’s account.

Nick Fox, Google’s Business Product Management Director for AdWords told Barry Schwartz of SearchEngineLand that the policy change is to shut down all advertising on an account, not just the offending campaign. This is a drastic step by Google and may signal that they are getting heat from their search engine users, their customers who are legitimate advertisers, and their lawyers who fear government intervention.

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