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How to Waste Thousands on Flash

Sep 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles

flashbadMillsap, Degnan & Associates, Inc. is a San Rafael builder with a gorgeous Flash website that shows off their high-end remodels and custom residential construction. They wondered why their neighbor, Artistic Cellars’, search engine rank was so much higher, so they asked owner, Madeline Wallen.

They knew that Madeline and Patrick Wallen’s wine cellar business jumped dramatically when upgraded their website to make it easy to find on Google. As much as Madeline and Patrick wanted to share their good fortune with Millsap Degnan, search engines can’t see anything on the Millsap website because the entire website is in Flash. A 100% Flash website is like a movie on videotape. You know how if you hold up film to the light you can see something, but if you hold videotape up to the light you can’t see anything?

The Flash pages are images, not HTML web pages. I suggested Madeline check this out for herself by trying to highlight the “text” in their website as if cutting and pasting. You can’t. If you try it with you see it is regular text that can be read by search engines.

Search engines can’t see images, they can only see text. Madeline and Patrick’s old website didn’t have much text. It had a lot of pictures but… search engines can’t see images, so the page rank was poor.

The magic I worked for that website was to create new HTML pages with text where the search engines could find them easily, and to create navigation so search engines could see the old HTML pages already existed on the website.

The strategic challenge is making the choice between the luxurious, expensive Flash portfolio, and a construction website that is search-engine friendly, like McDevitt & McDevitt.

Flash is goodFlash elements in an HTML website can be excellent. If the objective of a business website is to be found by prospective customers, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. A well-designed business website should appeal to both humans and machines (search engines). One hundred percent Flash websites look good only to humans, but attractive, informative Flash elements in a professional website give a polished appearance. Here is one we did for OmniFlo, Inc., for an innovative dialysis machine. Here is another for Cooling Tower Resources, Inc. which successfully increased the per-order revenue by informing customers of the range of products offered.

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