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Web Site As A Sales Tool

Dec 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Marketing

AlienTanks300wTwenty years ago, when Quality began building stainless steel wine tanks, every winemaker in Sonoma county knew where to go to get custom and ready made stainless steel wine tanks. As the dot-com bubble expanded and more newly-wealthy winemakers moved to Napa and Sonoma, research for new winery equipment moved to the web. Quality Stainless responded by building an on-line gallon estimating tool which was hosted on Verio but the hosting was expensive and the website did not rank well in search engines.

Scott Dapelo and his brother Jim run Quality Stainless. Scott wanted a new website that would work as a sales tool to help new winemakers select among the many features available for custom wine tanks. While all of Jim and Scott’s competitors designed and built custom wine tanks, I realized they were not aware of the marketing opportunity they created by not limiting themselves to custom wine tanks. Quality built wine tanks year around, stocking the most popular designs that tend to be in short supply as the annual harvest begins each September.

Most wineries have enough tanks for a normal harvest but some years have bumper crops with fruit that yields an exceptional amount of juice. That’s when the combination fermentation – storage tanks that Quality carries in stock are sought online. We optimized the website for searches for ready-made wine tanks and dramatically improved the search engine page rank for Quality.

We used photos to show open top fermenters for mixing and process tanks. We showed the different configurations available for portable wine tanks. We showed a wide range of tank sizes and examples of tank repair and heavy duty manways that stand up to years of tank cleaning.

Web site as sales toolSales jumped and Scott told me, “the new website helped us have a very good year. It is a great working tool. Thank you, thank you.”

We used market differentiation to set Quality apart from its competitors by highlighting their ready-made tanks as a technique to improving their search engine page rank. New visitors to the website can see a wide range of styles and solutions, and are provided vocabulary and images that make it easy to call Scott and Jim for advice and pricing. When the website generates a phone call from a qualified sales prospect, it proves its worth as a sales tool to increase revenue.

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