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How To Replace Yellow Pages

Apr 27th, 2011 | By | Category: News

Google Tags End, Shift Your Ad Dollars to Google AdWords

Google Tags
For nearly a year, Google offered “Enhanced Listings” on Google maps with “Tags,” that yellow marker highlighted above. For $25/month you could specify a one-line offer or call-to-action to attract clicks to your website. The $25/month was “one size fits all,” the same price if you were a busy lunchtime sandwich shop or a thrift store. Google offered a one month free trial and several of my clients tried it, but no one went forward with the pay version and on April 15 Google discontinued the experiment as of April 29, 2011.

That paper Yellow Pages on your shelf may be your last. It gets thinner and thinner every year. The end is near, we all know it. Where are all those advertisers going? Internet advertising, mostly Google. Is it targeted enough? You don’t want calls from people you can’t sell to. You certainly don’t want to pay for ads to reach people you can’t sell to. How to your get the most for your advertising dollar? How do you make sure your competitors don’t outsell you by advertising more effectively?

Advertise on Google   Google Places is working hard to be your best choice. You are familiar with the red pins on the search results that you may think of as Google Local or Google maps. Google Boost is a new way to advertise on Google search results. Instead of going through the daunting AdWords dashboard, Google Boost allows you to use Google Places. The ad is distinctive because it uses a blue pin drop and is offered only to business that have verified their Google Places page.

The Big Difference with Google Boost

Google Boost will offer you several advertising categories. You pick the one that is the best fit, then Boost selects the keywords. You don’t have to do it. You get reports on the simplified Places dashboard and, of course, you don’t pay for your ad to appear — you only pay for a click through to your website (click-through rate).

Here is a one minute video from Google. The Google Places listing is free, but the Boost advertising with the blue pin is not. Google will recommend budget levels. Check out

Have you tried Google Boost? Do you think you might?

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