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Patrick Schwerdtfeger Social Media For Effective Marketing

Aug 12th, 2011 | By | Category: News

Anet Dunne enjoyed a special consultation with Patrick Schwerdtfeger, author of “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” and noted speaker on how to use social media for effective marketing. Patrick’s website offers accurate and useful information on how to market your business using social media on the web. For example, here are five questions from Patrick’s blog that I keep in mind when creating content for business websites.

1. What do you do that’s remarkable?

Begin by identifying the things people are amazed by, the things you get asked questions about, the things that capture their attention.

2. What’s the “human story” behind that value?

Take what you do that’s remarkable and explain how it changes people’s lives. Describe the emotional impact of your product or service.

3. How can you tell that human story in a visual way?

There are different types of content: text, audio, photos and video. Which is most viral? You guessed it: photos and video!

4. How can you get your customers to tell that human story?

Content can come from two places: you or your customers. Which is most viral? Right again: content from your customers!

5. How can you incentivize your customers to tell more stories?

Incentives, incentives and more incentives. If you give people a reason to be creative, you’ll be amazed at what you get back.

Using these five points as guidelines, I can develop a compelling website for a client that will bring in new business. Coupled with Google advertising to attract potential new customers to the powerful new website, businesses can get and keep top-quality new business.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Anet. I love this approach and hope you can use it to promote your own business. Please keep me posted. I love hearing success stories!

  2. I am so impressed, Patrick, with your excellent use of Google alerts to track blog posts about your wonderful book which is chock full of accurate and useful information. You rock!

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