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How Obama Overtook Hillary

Nov 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Technology

During a presidential campaign in which he raised $650 million, Mr. Obama changed the rules of fund-raising, declining public financing and creating his own multimillion-member chain of donors.  As a law professor, Mr. Obama’s job before the Senate, he was vitally aware of social networking among students.  Through a friend, he got in touch with Marc Andreessen, a founder of Netscape and a board member of Facebook.  Mr. Obama wondered if social networking, with its tremendous communication capabilities and aggressive database development, might help him beat the overwhelming odds facing him.

David Carr of the New York Times tells us, in The Media Equation, of how Obama tapped into social networks power.  The Web innovators in the Obama campaign did not invent anything completely new, Mr. Carr observes.  Instead, they mashed-up social networking applications and created a way to raise money that helped them topple the legendary Clinton fund-raising machine.  Ultimately, they leveraged it to organize locally and fight Republican smear campaigns.  Read more

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